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A Most Diabolical Plot

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Tim Symonds is back with his latest book of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, A Most Diabolical Plot.

‘A Most Diabolical Plot’.  A Collection of six of the most intriguing cases ever to challenge Europe’s famous Consulting Detective and his faithful biographer Dr. John H. Watson,  from the spooky ‘The Ghost Of Dorset House’ to ‘The Captain In The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment’, a story of a promising Undergraduate who went wrong.

‘A Most Diabolical Plot’ and Tim’s novels such as ‘Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of Einstein’s Daughter’ are available online from Amazon (including Amazon USA), and direct from MX Publishing (https://mxpublishing.me/tag/tim-symonds), and all good bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones UK, The Strand Magazine, and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository.  (Favourable reviews on Amazon etc. greatly appreciated!)

The six stories in the collection are –

  1. The Ghost of Dorset House
  2. The Captain in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment
  3. A Most Diabolical Plot
  4. The Pegasus Affair
  5. Die Weisse Frau
  6. The Mystery of the Missing Artefacts

A Most Diabolical Plot is now available as an Audiobook.

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Tim Symonds was born in London, England, and grew up in Somerset, Dorset and the Channel Island of Guernsey, off the coast of Normandy. After spending his late teens farming in the Kenya Highlands and driving bulldozers along the Zambezi River, he moved to California and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA with an honours degree in Political Science. Read More…



You can now download a digital version of Il Giallo Mondadori SherlockIl Giallo Mondadori Sherlock and Il Giallo Mondadori Sherlock.

Sherlock Holmes Il Mistero Della Figlia Di Einstein

Sherlock Holmes  Il Sigillo Dei Nove Draghi

Sherlock Holmes  Il Caso Della Spada Di Osman

Sherlock Holmes Il Caso Del Codice Bulgaro

Featured on Booklaunch

Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter has now been featured on Booklaunch – The UK’s most widely distributed books magazine

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I have always enjoyed the stories of Sherlock Holmes, and used to love watching films and TV programmes of the same.

Your novels are being appreciated by my wife’s father Gerald. He is 96 years old and reading is his main pleasure because he has now become totally physically immobile. He has long been a member of the Folio Society as well as other book clubs, and as lawyer he has always enjoyed the forensic approach to the cases of Holmes.

So your writing is bringing much joy to a lovely gentleman who sadly is living a restricted life.

Rod Chambers

The Mystery Of Einstein’s Daughter’ is the finest historical mystery novel I’ve read since Peter Ackroyd’s seminal ‘Hawksmoor’ which is itself easily one of the greatest works of British literature since the 1980s. Very few writers of fiction attend to historical detail with such care.

Mike Walker, Journalist


This is a meticulously researched and expertly plotted Holmes & Watson tale. It takes place mostly in an exotic location but feels very familiar in the voice of Dr. Watson and the typical brilliance of Holmes’ unraveling of a deep mystery, and one that may threaten them both. Tim Symonds has captured the authorial voice of Dr. Watson as well as the ambience and attitudes of the era. The descriptions of the arduous overland journey to China as well as the sights, sounds, rituals, and politics of Dynastic China are brilliantly rendered and left me feeling as though I knew a great deal more about that bygone time and place after finishing the story than when I began, something I suspect would apply to many, no matter where on Earth they live. Others have summarized the plot and I will not add to that here. However, at the end of the book is an Epilogue with much additional information on the historical events from which many characters and plot points are drawn, as well as a descriptive glossary, English idioms, obscure words and phrases, and background readings that provide added value to the experience and for which I was quite eager after finishing the tale. Bravo!​

Professor Stephen Seifert, Professor of Toxicology