Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Death of Brigadier-General Delves

Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Death of Brigadier-General Delves

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It’s 1898. Kismet brings about a chance reunion at a London club between Dr. Watson and Colonel “Maiwand Mike” Fenlon, former military comrades from their Northwest Frontier days and the desperate Battle of Maiwand. A week later an urgent cable seeking Sherlock Holmes’s help arrives from the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown Dependency 30 miles off the coast of Normandy. A retired high-ranking British Indian Army officer who commanded the troops at Maiwand has dropped dead. Colonel Fenlon is in a holding cell in island’s capital St. Peter Port awaiting trial for his murder.

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Author: Tim Symonds
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1 review for Sherlock Holmes and the Strange Death of Brigadier-General Delves

  1. Charlie Cook

    This is a very well written, entertaining and expertly researched yarn which many Sherlockians, especially those interested in military matters, will enjoy. I started it and couldn’t quit.

    Holmes, due to a lack of challenging cases, is in a foul mood. Watson escapes to a fancy restaurant to treat himself to a rare expensive meal. To his delight he is hailed to a table occupied by an old colleague from the Afghan campaign, namely Captain (now Colonel) “Maiwand Mike” Fenlon, who invites the doctor to join him for a splendid lunch. They reminisce over their military experiences of over twenty years earlier. Maiwand Mike indicates that their former officer, Brigadier-General Delves of the title, has employed him to verify certain facts in the disastrous events at the Battle of Maiwand.

    A week later Watson receives a telegram indicating Captain Fenlon has been arrested for the murder of Delves and is desperate for Sherlock Holmes to help establish his innocence. He has refused to offer a plea and provides Watson with a sealed packet asking the doctor to swear it will not be opened as long as Fenlon lives.

    In a clever twist of the detective’s skills, the author uses Holmes as a witness for both the prosecution and the defense, exploiting the sleuth’s expertise and vast Canonical experience in crime, hoping that an acquittal will result.

    A plethora of explanations and details relating to various terms and events are provided at the end of the novel, including a recipe for Orange Fool. Well worth the so called “optional” read.

    Really enjoyable.

    Charlie Cook
    The Sound of the Baskervilles (USA)

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