Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Everyone knows the name of the greatest Consulting Detective in all fiction – but how well do you know the details of his greatest cases – or his creator’s final resting-place?

Try out Tim's latest quiz. The winner will receive a signed copy of ‘The Nine Dragon Sigil’. Tim will collate all of the highest scores together and pull the winner out of a hat. Good luck.

What was the occupation of Charles Milverton in ‘The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton’?
What was the name of the savage blowpipe-toting pygmy in ‘The Sign of Four’?
The Bruce Partington plans referred to what?
In ‘The Valley Of Fear’, what was the brand of the Scowrers?
What is so special about the adventures of ‘The Lion's Mane’ and ‘The Blanched Soldier’?
Sherlock Holmes’s great enemy, the ‘Napoleon of Crime,’ Professor Moriarty, met his grisly end in which Conan Doyle story?
What subject did Sherlock Holmes's formidable antagonist Professor Moriarty once teach?
When serving with the British Army, at which famous battle was Holmes’s chronicler Dr. John H. Watson badly wounded?
In ‘A Study In Scarlet’ what does Holmes believe the half-word ‘RACHE’ written in blood on the wall of No. 3 Lauriston Gardens stands for?
What was Holmes’s first case by year it took place?
In ‘A Study In Scarlet’, to which religious order did Enoch Drebber and Joseph Stangerson formerly belong?
According to Dr. Watson, which of these traits is NOT true of Sherlock Holmes?
Who originally owned the Blue Carbuncle?
Where did this epic struggle to the death occur?
In ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’, how did the evil Dr. Grimesby Roylott die?
Which famed horror-movie veteran actor has portrayed both Sherlock Holmes and his older brother Mycroft?
Where is Sherlock Holmes’s creator Arthur Conan Doyle buried?
What exactly was the ‘lion's mane’ that Holmes encountered in Sussex?
What was the name of the landlady of 221B Baker Street?
What was the real name of the mysterious bike-rider from ‘The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist’?
Who killed Maria Gibson at Thor Bridge?
In what year did Sherlock Holmes make his first-ever appearance in The Strand Magazine?
Irene Adler appeared only the once, in which Conan Doyle story?
What was the name of the woman who outwitted Mr. Sherlock Holmes?
In ‘The Adventure of Black Peter’, where did Captain Peter Carey die?
Who was directly responsible for Professor Moriarty's grisly end?

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