Sherlock Holmes and the Bulgarian Codex

Sherlock Holmes and the Bulgarian Codex

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Holmes and his faithful sidekick are contacted by Prince Regnant of Bulgaria, following the theft of an ancient and sacred manuscript. Holmes is tasked with finding the manuscript, and by delaying the outbreak of World War One.

The trusty duo Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson set off for Bulgaria, travelling through beautifully described landscapes. As one would expect, the story is not as simple as it at first appears, and what follows is a tale of murder, greed, and vampires. There are the requisite unexpected twists and turns.

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Author: Tim Symonds
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1 review for Sherlock Holmes and the Bulgarian Codex

  1. stu

    “Different editors of Dr. Watson’s manuscripts have different specialties. Denis O. Smith brings us incredible stories set in the 1880’s. Marcia Wilson brings an unsurpassed understanding about the world of the Scotland Yarders that has no equal. Tim Symonds offers a number of well-researched, compelling, and full-length Sherlock Holmes adventures and short stories specializing in Our Heroes’ activities in the early 20th century. In “The Bulgarian Codex”, set in 1900, Holmes and Watson become involved in the quest to recover an ancient document – the Codex in question – before the various empires and Kingdoms on every side of the Balkans can ignite into a world war.

    As always, Symonds understands the intricacies of history at the beginning of the twentieth century, and those events that eventually led to World War I – along with Holmes and Watson’s efforts to prevent or at least delay it. Once again, Holmes and Watson are in the very center of events that – if not handled properly – could lead to global catastrophe.”

    Reviewed by David Marcum

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